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For the traditional enterprise, apps have become a strategic imperative in order to stay competitive in today’s digital world. However, large engineering organizations are optimized to run legacy processes and systems that are core to the business, and do not always support fast, agile app development.

Heroku is a cloud-based platform as a service (PaaS) that gives your enterprise the quickest path to delivering modern apps that are strategic for your business. Heroku’s managed service takes care of hardware and infrastructure concerns, so your team can focus on building apps that differentiate your business. In addition, Heroku offers a host of features that are tailored to meet the needs of large organizations and high-volume apps, providing enterprise-grade auditing, support, and scale.

Enterprise-grade security and scale

To meet strict security and compliance requirements, Heroku gives you the option to run your apps in a dedicated runtime environment. This enhances protection of your sensitive data and transactions, and enables your apps to communicate with each other over a private network. Stable outbound IPs allow you to securely securely connect apps to your corporate systems or third-party cloud services. Your dedicated runtime also ensures that even your highest traffic apps deliver low latency performance for every user.

Network-isolated runtimes

Heroku Private Spaces offer dedicated runtime environments for enhanced privacy, power, and performance. This enables your Heroku apps to securely connect to on-premise systems on your corporate network or cloud services, such as Salesforce.

Team collaboration

Heroku Teams helps you bring distributed development teams into shared app workspaces. Heroku Flow provides collaboration tools and workflows to deliver higher quality apps, faster through continuous delivery and continuous integration.

Fine-grained access control

Manage your app project’s team members, processes, and billing, including app-level permissions from a centralized, unified dashboard. Heroku gives enterprise project leaders the agility they need to drive accountability throughout the development cycle.

Salesforce integration

Heroku Connect allows you to bidirectionally synchronise data between your Salesforce deployments and your Heroku apps, extending the capabilities of both. Build apps that utilize Salesforce data, or build Salesforce apps and processes that utilize Heroku data.

Secure, trusted platform

Heroku’s resilient, scalable, and managed runtime stack allows you to run your strategic apps in production with confidence. A view into the current platform status and any recent issues is always available.

Enterprise-grade support

Salesforce Success Plans are available to help you design solutions, troubleshoot issues and ensure your apps run smoothly. Salesforce Success Plans offer faster escalation for critical issues.

Fast app delivery, short cycles

The Heroku Platform enables your teams to deliver apps as fast as they can build them. Easily prototype ideas, build tools for internal stakeholders, or deploy a digital interface that transforms engagement with customers or partners.

Simplified DevOps

With a fully-managed platform, Heroku’s staff monitors uptime, performance, and infrastructure concerns, freeing your app development team from the burden of hardware and operations management.

Seamless scalability

Easily scale your apps in a single click or command with no downtime using the Heroku Dashboard or CLI. The platform’s autoscaling feature allows you to automatically scale apps with increased usage.

Integrated data services

Heroku’s managed data services are optimized for developers, making it even easier to build data-driven apps. Choose Heroku Postgres, Heroku Data for Redis, and Apache Kafka on Heroku, or third-party add-on services.

Build apps that meet enterprise-grade demand

Whether for employees or customers, Heroku enables you to build scalable, high-performance apps that meet the strict security and compliance requirements of your business. Connect your apps with Salesforce to build integrated business solutions. Learn more by exploring Heroku’s capabilities on the following pages.

Heroku Enterprise

Heroku Enterprise offers additional support for large organizations or apps with heavy demand or complex requirements. Your teams can take advantage of enhanced security and scalability, collaboration tools, access controls, and more.

Heroku Private Spaces

Private Spaces gives you a network-isolated runtime environment dedicated to your Heroku apps. This ensures even your highest traffic apps deliver low latency performance for each user, while protecting sensitive data and transactions.

Heroku Connect

Heroku makes it easier to build integrated solutions that serve more complex business use cases. Heroku Connect enables seamless data synchronization with Salesforce — unify app data with contacts, accounts, and other custom objects in Salesforce.

“We’ve been on Heroku from day one. We expected to shift to a better tool at a later point, but there just hasn’t been anything better than Heroku. Heroku has grown along with us, which has been fantastic.”

Danny Greg
Director of Engineering, Everlane
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“I’m thrilled with how quickly we’ve been able to build new systems that deliver real value to our company. In partnership with Trineo, we’ve built a solid foundation on Heroku that will scale seamlessly as we continue to grow.”

Alex Porter
VP of Product Development, Clear Channel Outdoor
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“Heroku has made our processes so much faster. It’s now much easier for any of our engineers to do tasks such as: debug, jump into the logs, access the read replica, or get information on state.”

​Tim Julien
Vice President of Engineering, Bonobos Inc
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