The app deployment process on the Heroku platform
Heroku Runtime

Heroku runs your apps inside dynos — smart containers on a reliable, fully managed runtime environment. Developers deploy their code written in Node.js, Ruby, Java, PHP, Python, Go, Scala, or Clojure to a build system which produces an app that's ready for execution. The system and language stacks are monitored, patched, and upgraded, so it's always ready and up-to-date. The runtime keeps apps running without any manual intervention.

Heroku Developer Experience (DX)

The Heroku Developer Experience is an app-centric approach to software delivery so developers can focus on creating and continuously delivering applications, without being distracted by servers or infrastructure. Developers deploy directly from popular tools like Git, GitHub or Continuous Integration (CI) systems. The intuitive web-based Heroku Dashboard makes it easy to manage your app and gain greater visibility into performance.

Data Services and Ecosystem

Heroku Elements let developers extend their apps with Add-ons, customize their application stack with Buildpacks and jumpstart their projects with Buttons. Add-ons are 3rd party cloud services that developers can use to immediately extend their apps with a range of functionality such as data stores, logging, monitoring and more. Heroku provides three fully-managed data service Add-ons: Heroku Postgres, Heroku Data for Redis, and Apache Kafka on Heroku.

Heroku Operational Experience (OpEx)

The Heroku Operational Experience is a key component of the platform. It helps developers through troubleshooting and remediation of common issues and customizing their ops experience to quickly identify and address negative trends in their application health. Heroku provides a set of tools to alert you if something goes wrong, or to automatically scale your web dynos if the response time for web requests exceeds a threshold you specify. Application metrics, Threshold Alerting, and Autoscaling are some of the features you get access to with no extra cost.

Security and Compliance

Developers from around the world entrust sensitive data to Heroku, and nothing is more important to us than honoring our custodial commitments to protect this data. Heroku regularly performs audits and maintains PCI, HIPAA, ISO, and SOC compliance to further strengthen our trust with customers. Learn more by visiting our compliance center.


At Heroku, we believe that developers are the most important part of transforming every company into an apps company. That’s why a great developer experience has always been at the very heart of what we do. Heroku understands what adds value to developers and what gets in the way. We move all the mundane tasks out of the way and add features and functionality that delight and inspire developers to do their best work.


The Heroku Platform is designed so you can focus on what matters the most: the app. Getting apps out in the wild, in front of real users, and then iterating fast, is what can make or break companies. Heroku lets companies of all sizes embrace the value of apps, not the hassle of hardware, nor the distraction of servers — virtual or otherwise.


The Heroku Platform is great for the early part of the app lifecycle, but it really shines when you go into production. Heroku seamlessly supports every step of the app lifecycle — build, run, manage and scale. Heroku Postgres provides trusted database options at terabyte scale. Dyno choices to suit your needs, including performance dynos for your highest traffic apps — all scalable in an instant. Heroku keeps the kernel up-to-date with the latest security patches. All backed by the trust and reliability of Salesforce.

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“Heroku’s managed platform helps our product team stay excited about building new product features. We can focus on developing great learning tools without getting bogged down in DevOps.”

Kevin Law
Co-Founder, Cambly
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“Heroku is backed by teams who are experts in application infrastructure — scaling, security, data, etc. Heroku continues to innovate year after year, and we get to reap the benefits.”

Ryan Townsend
CTO, SHIFT Commerce
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“Heroku is founded on best practices for building and running apps in the cloud. The platform guides you, so everything goes smoothly and you save time.”

Mason Hale
Founder & CEO, Team Topia
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